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Canaan West Ranch

Tibetan Yak Ranch in the Colorado Mountains

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Bull (male)

3 yr old bull, wooly features
unregistered#   DOB: 5/28/2021  (2 yrs)
| Bull (male) | Imperial Trim
Sire: HCC Yozzy-Osbourne (@ CWR)
Dam: CWR Lassie

He will make a great herd bull for someone looking for an Imperial Trim with "wooly attributes" to breed into their herd. His partial wooly nature will add some fiber and curls to his offspring. His...



3 yr old bull, large stature, % wooly
unregistered#   DOB: 5/9/2021  (3 yrs)
| Bull (male) | Native
Sire: HCC Yozzy-Osbourne (@ CWR)
Dam: CWR Lily

An excellent herd bull. Both Sire and Dam are large in stature and their offspring have consistently produced large bodied animals and excellent partial wooly coats. His father is a handsome Royal ...