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Canaan West Ranch

Tibetan Yak Ranch in the Colorado Mountains

CWR Liam

3 yr old bull, large stature, % wooly

Yak , Bull (male) |Native

unregistered | DOB: 5/9/2021

Sire: HCC Yozzy-Osbourne (@ CWR)

HCC Yozzy-Osbourne (@ CWR)

Bull (male) Royal

IYAK - Foundation# B014 DOB: 3/30/201410 yrs
This bull really holds the Ranch together. Though his registered name is Yozzy-Osborn, we call him Lancelot. His pedigree includes such greats as Thor, Dreadlock, Wooly Bully and Queen Allante. He is one big fella. Lanceleot is a partial wooly so he adds a little fiber and some curls to his offspring, as well. This bull has thrown native, Imperial Trim, and Royals all in a single year. Also registered with US YAKS (14D25)
  | IYAK - Foundation# B014 | Royal
Dam: CWR Lily

CWR Lily

Cow (female) Native

USYAKS# 11C63 DOB: 6/15/201113 yrs
Lily is the matriarch. All other yak go where she leads. If Lancelot thinks he is in charge, he has another thing coming! Lily is an exceptional mother and has thrown 8 offspring in last 9 years. Her demeanor is calm and curious. She quickly becomes any visitor's favorite.
  | USYAKS# 11C63 | Native

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An excellent herd bull. Both Sire and Dam are large in stature and their offspring have consistently produced large bodied animals and excellent partial wooly coats. His father is a handsome Royal with very great lineage (lineage in pictures from IYAK). This is a great bull for those looking to add some curl and fiber to the herd mix.

CWR Liam is leased as a breeding bull from June 2023 to May 2024 and receives daily handling, but can be purchased and moved to new pasture in June 2024. Sired 10 offspring in the 2023 breeding season.


Updated 6/5/2024